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The Horrible Truth Scavenger Hunt!

    Find The Horrible Truth at Spencer's, Buy it, Post a picture on Social media, and be entered to win a PS4!
    Here's the deal. Spencer's Gifts is going to be carrying The Horrible Truth in 30 of their stores and online. If you buy The Horrible Truth from Spencer’s before August 14th, take a picture of The Horrible Truth in front of a Spencer’s, and tag Sculpin Games on either Facebook or Twitter. You will be entered for a chance to win a PlayStation 4!

    Also, you can purchase from Spencer's Online. Post an order confrimation tagging Sculpin Games on either Facebook or Twitter.

    This is win-win for everyone. Spencer's is doing a test run to see if they want to sell The Horrible Truth in all their stores. If the test goes well they will do a wide release. To incentivize people to go and buy it, we will give away a PS4. You get a great game if you don't win the contest. If you do win the contest you get a great game and a PS4. Interested? Go to your local Spencer's Gifts or online and pick up a copy. Take some pictures out front. Tag Sculpin Games on social media or email it to us. Done and done!

    When the test run is completed, I will randomly draw a name from the pool of people and send them a PS4 (shipping in the US only). Don’t miss out!